I would like to share with you my interpretation of the meaning of symbols and how I use them in my practice to heal and restore health while helping my patients to find their unique path to spiritual growth.

Spiritual Growth and Energy Healing

Let’s start with a simple observation of one’s spiritual growth process. We all have an inner desire to be happy. In our efforts to receive pleasure from life, we seek experiences that will make our lives enjoyable. Due to the fact that our bodies have an intelligent system and keen memory, we remember things that make us feel good and things that make us feel bad. Based on this memory, we develop behavioral patterns that make us choose one option over another, and as a result we may become wiser as we climb the ladder of life. However, the learning process takes time, and it is difficult to navigate the ocean of life on our own. Simply put, we need a friend.

Every day we spend energy waking up, going to work, spending time with our family and friends, making food, etc. We rush through life, forgetting to take a deep breath and meditate on the meaning of life. At some point, we are forced by circumstances to put on the brakes. Some of us make a gradual stop by listening to what our bodies tell us, and we start paying attention to how we treat ourselves (through intelligent exercise, diet, etc.). However, others are forced to make a sharp stop, like slamming on the brakes at a red light. Usually a physical/mental sickness, a loss of a loved one, a career challenge or another difficult life event requires that we step up in terms of how we think, act and perceive life. Eventually, challenges sharpen our ability to sense what is right and wrong, what is good and bad for us.

This is usually the time when my patients turn to me for help and guidance. I meet most of my patients at a critical point in their lives when they are ready to take on deeper work and start incorporating energy healing into their practice of health and wellness. Just like we manage our lifestyle by going to the gym, making educated nutritional choices, and managing stress and interactions with others, I work with my patients to help them manage their lives so they are able protect and nurture their energy field. This task is a lot more difficult to grasp because the energy field is an intangible concept for most people. Slowly, people feel comfortable with the concept of energy healing and start to pay more attention to how their physical and mental state is affected by how well they are able to manage their life events.

As my patients struggle through inner transformation, most of them ask similar questions “How can I be happy?” “What does happiness really mean?” “Does happiness mean different things to different people?” “What do I need to do to attain a fulfilling life?”, “How do I eliminate suffering from my life and the lives of those I love?” These questions are typical to anyone who ponders the meaning of life and the attainment of happiness.

My objective is to help each patient to not only address the immediate challenge he/she is facing, like recovering from sickness or a broken heart, but also to help them find the inner direction for a spiritual enfoldment. so the challenge they are facing becomes the opportunity to open up hidden potential and inner strengths. To do this, I use the knowledge that was given to me by my teachers and the natural gift of energy channeling. I am able to see an aura around each patient as if it were a musical instrument, for which I fine tune each string to create a harmony. This harmony or energy balance helps my patients to find strength to recover from a variety of illnesses, hear an inner voice, maintain focus on priorities, open up intuitive powers and, most importantly, to find inner peace. To further advance results of my work, I use Talismans that represent sacred symbols designed to perform specific functions. These sacred tools allow for a continuation of the healing process and the spiritual enfoldment that goes on after a patient leaves my office.


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Information about the creation of symbols is contained in ancient scriptures. There is a general consensus that symbols possess “secret powers” e.g. The Cross, The Star of David. Back in ancient time people used symbols for protection, healing and many other purposes. Symbols were created by enlightened souls who received initiation into sacred teachings. Using symbols, images and numerology, Talismans are created.

The art of Talisman creation is very unique and different for every master. For example the most recognized symbols today were created during sacred ceremonies and rituals. By incorporating specific objects, words, attire, number of people, times, and locations, masters were able to channel required energy to produce symbols that perform specific functions.

The unique thing about my work is that I am able to channel the Universal Energy into the creation of the symbol, so it possesses protective, healing, supportive and other properties. It is also important to note that I charge each Talisman individually for every patient.

If the Symbol is not charged, it will not work, just like the human body is not alive without essential life energy.

Charged Symbols

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Each symbol is charged with the Universal Energy that I channel during meditation.

During many years of practicing energy healing, I have received a number of different symbols that I use to help my patients. When I complete the energy healing session with a patient and make sure that his/her energy field is balanced, I use symbols to anchor my work. In addition, I give personalized symbols to my patients, so a process of positive transformation can continue in their daily lives. I charge each symbol individually for my patients, so this symbol becomes a part of them. I advise my patients to create a trusting relationship with the symbol while not discussing or showing the symbol to others. I ask my patients to perceive the symbol as their inner secret.

My hope is that this document will touch the hearts and minds of a diverse audience who have one goal in common - to grow. I realize that some of you are quite comfortable with the concept of energy healing and have experience using Talismans in the past. The information shared on these pages is not so new to you. At the same time, some of you might find the idea of intangible energy healing somewhat strange, and therefore you might feel skeptical about concepts you can’t touch.

Interestingly, the challenge of relating my approach could be equally difficult for both audiences. Those who already have experience also have perceptions that could interfere with the concepts I’m trying to communicate. I find that some patients perceive energy healing as a miracle. They are used to the idea that they can come to an extra sense, she can make all problems go away. This practice contradicts my approach to energy healing and use of Talismans. I believe that each person has a task or a number of tasks to accomplish during his/her lifetime. Each task plays an important role in one’s spiritual development. In order for an individual to fulfill his mission, he or she needs to go through experiences to crystallize the task at hand. So, when someone is trying to bring back lost love by asking an energy practitioner to attract an ex-partner, or help someone to make more money, they are trying to “cheat” and find an easy way out. These types of intentions represent an interference with a free will and universal law, which is not the ethical way of living and practicing the art of energy healing.

My goal is to help my patients to go through life challenges with dignity, strong will and determination in their own abilities to overcome problems while respecting ethical laws of living by setting sincere, positive and honest intentions.

I can help my patients by providing them with support they have ‘earned’ from past actions, so they can live their life to the fullest. Only when the person deserves to receive help in the form of Talismans will I create one for them.

While creating Talismans I channel energy during deep meditation that infuses a symbol with the informational charge. Upon transmission of energy into the symbol, the Talisman carries information that is coded to perform specific functions, to protect, to provide support, or to heal.

Talismans store the information designed to charge the individual with energy, strengths and vitality. This is what each one of us needs in order to accomplish things in life. Depending on your intentions, objectives, skills, education, experiences and other factors, you can attain a certain level of accomplishment. Talismans are not designed to give you something that you don’t already possess either naturally or through hard work.

Talismans will give you support, protection, and healing independently of how you feel at any given moment. Sometimes we feel tired, angry, or distracted. These feelings affect our well being on all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. The entry point for our emotions and reactions is our energy field, which works like a window. Once the negative energy flows into an open window, it touches different dimension of your being. So, the correction of the problem should start at the entry point. For example, when you have a headache, you may choose to take medication to relieve the symptoms to make the pain go away. However, most of us don’t bother to find out why we have a headache; sometimes it could be due to a lack of oxygen, high blood pressure, consumption of big lunch that puts pressure on internal organs, etc. The medication relieves the pain just until the next time it comes back . So, we never find out about the cause of the headache and the next time it comes around we take the pill again. This unconscious choice does not allow us to pay close attention to our choices and how they affect our lives. Someday, we may find that the medication we are taking has negative side effects. This time some of us may think twice before taking the same medication again. From this point, some of us may look for other options to relieve the headache, like natural alternatives or simply by drinking water, and some of us might start asking questions like “how is my headache related to an outburst of anger I just had?” Step by step, we analyze the cause and effect and at some point, we arrive at the conclusion that we operate within an intelligent structure that sends us messages. Our job is to tune in and get the message. If we get the point of what our body is trying to tell us, we can make adjustments, discover new insights, and evolve. This evolution changes us inside and out and with this change we transmit a different energy.

This process of an inner search for truth is a big challenge that requires patience, honesty and respect for the laws of the universe.

To help my patients manage important life events, I create Talismans. I have been using Talismans in my practice for a number of years. In 2010 I decided to make three symbols available to the public. My patients have been using symbols that are part of the Talismans for awhile; however, I waited long enough to track results and carefully observed how my patients responded. With consistent positive feedback, I came to the conclusion that the time has come to channel my work to a larger audience, so more people can benefit from the help the symbols provide.

How Talismans Can Help You

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Symbols that are part of the Talismans are charged with the Universal Energy and can provide protection from negative vibes, for example when someone is angry at you and wishes ill on you. Some people have stronger energy fields or protective shields than others. Therefore, some of you may feel that you are able to sustain negative influences and don’t need any extra help, but some of you might feel that you would like to have protection especially when your guard is off or when you feel tired, distracted, unbalanced, etc. If you intuitively know that having a Talisman is important for you then you should consider getting one. When you find yourself in a situation where you need a protective shield, simply visualize/think about your Talisman, or if you are wearing the Talisman, touch it with your hand. You can formulate your objective – what you are trying to do - for example, may my anger toward this individual not affect me in any way. The Talismans could help you to maintain the protective shield and enable you to come out strong from the negative situation you encounter while not creating any damage or hurting another person.

The symbol provides protection when you need one, so your energy field remains intact from bad influences and therefore remains in balance. This allows you to maintain your inner energy core. As a result, your spiritual growth will continue. You will see your options clearly and make choices that are best for you, enabling yourself to interpret and use the information you receive to your advantage. Here is a brief description of Talismans that you can obtain:

The Guardian

This Symbol provides protection at all times:
This symbol provides protection during critical situations and helps to
ensure that you overcome life’s challenges with minimal negative impact
on your life. The Guardian talisman performs a ‘life saver’ function.

The Healing Ray

This Symbol protects and restores health:
i. Provides for targeted energy healing.
ii. Helps to open up chakras to channel healing energy throughout your body.
With this symbol, you will experience self-healing during meditation.

The Shield

This Symbol performs three important functions:
i. Provides support and empowerment during important events.
ii. Protects you from negative influences.
iii. Brings strength, uncovers intuition, creates inner harmony and
power to build and restore your health.
You will perform your best.
You will filter negative influences and feel secure.
You will be able to maintain your focus and stay in charge.

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